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Workday Adaptive Planning Knowledge Center

Releases Prior to 2017.2

Catch up on features and enhancements older than the 2017.2 Release.

2017 Releases

2016 Releases

This release includes the completion of the applet-free UI refresh, and new features for Planning, Integration, and Dashboards.

This release includes numerous new features for Planning, Consolidation, Integration, and Dashboards. 

This release includes numerous new features, for Planning, Consolidation, Integration, and Planning.

2015 Releases

This release includes attributes support, quarter-to-date context, multi-currency, and online help.

This release includes a new dial in Dashboards, search on sheets in {{corp}, and other changes.

This release includes dimension attributes and other changes. 

This release includes updates to almost the entire Adaptive Insights!

2014 Releases

This release consists of new products and new features, including Adaptive Integration, new sheets, SAML SSO support, and more.

This release consists of look-and-feel updates to Dashboards.

  • Adaptive Insights 2014.1 Release Notes 

This release includes Adaptive Insights navigation, a preview of the sheets redesign coming in 2014.2, Process Tracker enhancements, version-dependent levels, and cube sheet enhancements

2013 Releases

This release consists of an upgrade which can be purchased for Adaptive Discovery for Planning and Consolidation

This release includes Level Attributes, Admin Publishing, and Snapshot Scheduler (for Discovery for Adaptive Planning and Adaptive Consolidation).

This release includes journal entries, reclassifications, and the Process Tracker for Adaptive Consolidation; improved version management and formula support for account attributes in Adaptive Planning; and in-context editing, a new dial, and expanded snapshot functionality for Adaptive Discovery, among other features.

This release includes a product name change, in-context editing, a metrics selector, and other new features.

This release includes updates to Multi-Currency Support. 

This release includes the new Adaptive Consolidations product, as well as enhancements to Adaptive Planning, Adaptive Discovery, and the Multiple Currencies module.

This release includes multi-calendar support, the new iPhone app, and several product enhancements.

2012 Releases

This release includes support for Mac computers and Discovery updates.

This guide contains information on new features such as account attributes, Workflow enhancements, new Discovery capabilities, Excel and PDF report print parameters, user email management, the ability to upload a company logo, and fiscal year naming.

This guide contains information about the following new features: Discovery (visual dashboard add-on tool), freeze headers on HTML reports, suppress zero or blank rows on Standard and Cube sheets, self-service password reset, the ability to turn on/off expand/collapse on HTML reports, multi-tier Y-axis Cubes, append import to a Modeled sheet, and SSO to NetSuite and Sales Force.

The new features in the Winter 2012 release are: transaction level detail (add-on feature that enables a user to drill down to the detailed transaction level), custom report calculations, report and inline notes, snapshot reports, static reports, report books, and mappings for Modeled sheet imports.

2011 Releases

The Fall 2011 Release focuses on reporting improvements in the following areas: conditional formatting, numeric formatting, specifying report currency, ability for favorable/unfavorable variances, Modeled sheet totals. Other new functionality includes the Product Feedback program, XLSX support, and formula year references.

The major feature of this release is multi-instance, which allows for the consolidation of subsidiaries with different organization structures and chart of accounts. Additional functionality on Modeled sheets includes the ability to add new dimension values directly on the sheet, lock columns, and have a total row directly on the sheet. Other smaller enhancements are: QTD element on reports, append structure import (add new departments or accounts to the existing structure), search bar on the Formulas tab, and additional options when creating a new version.

2010 Releases

August 2010 Release Notes

The August 2010 release has some very helpful features, such as drag and drop in the admin screens, report parameters (so that options can be chosen at run time rather than modifying the report each time), report segments, and validate formulas on a per-version basis.

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