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Reporting and OfficeConnect

2017.3 Release Notes:  Build reports with faster formatting and interface enhancements, use attributes in calculations, and apply comprehensive settings for blanks and zeros in OfficeConnect.

Intuitive Report Building 

Faster Formatting

Save time when building or editing a report: select multiple elements within the same axis and tier and update the properties. You'll be able to apply style and number settings in one step. 


Calculate Attributes in Reports

Drag and drop subtotal, difference and custom calculations into an attribute tier on a matrix report, and treat attributes like standard dimensions.

Identify Dimension and Attribute Elements

When building a report, hover over elements to identify if they are attributes or dimensions.

Manage Hierarchies

At-a-glance icons let you know if an element will appear as an expanded list  or a collapsed list  in the report.


Favorite Reports on the Navigation Menu

Find and select your favorite reports from the Reports submenu, just like you do for Sheets. 


Installation and Update Requirements

Adaptive OfficeConnect and Excel Interface for Planning now require version 4.7 of the Microsoft .NET Framework and Adaptive OfficeConnect Event Log Components. Installing these requires Windows administrative permissions and possibly restarting your computer. Consult with your IT department.

We've updated the technical requirements and installation instructions to include new prerequisites:

  • Updated Version: Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7
  • New: Adaptive OfficeConnect Event Log Components

You can defer the update for up to 30 days and continue working in OfficeConnect or Excel Interface for Planning. 

New Settings for Blanks and Zeros

Use new settings to control how your reports display cells with no data and how report viewers can suppress zeros and blanks.  

User Settings

From the OfficeConnect ribbon, the User Settings control the default display of blank data for any new OfficeConnect workbook that you create. Choose to show zeros for blank data or clear the setting to show blanks. 

User Settings, General Tab

Workbook Properties

The Format tab in Workbook Properties controls the settings for the current workbook. Choose to show zeros for blank data or clear the setting to show blanks. 

Workbook Properties, Format Tab

Hide Zeros & Blanks Button

Hide zeros, and blanks now too, according to the settings defined in Workbook Properties > Format.

OfficeConnect task ribbon with the new Hide Zeros and Blanks button

More Windows Compatibility

New Support for Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

OfficeConnect now supports more Excel keyboard shortcuts:

  • Alt+R to insert a row
  • Alt+C to insert a column
  • Ctrl+Y to repeat insert column/row actions and delete rows/columns.
New Support for High DPI Displays

We’ve updated OfficeConnect’s UI to scale correctly on high DPI displays. If you have a new laptop or 4K monitor, you can now use OfficeConnect without reducing the Windows scaling setting.

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