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Planning and Collaboration

2017.3 Release Notes: Filter dimension values in modeled sheets, log in to multiple workbooks with Excel for Planning, and review the new Excel for Planning technical requirements.

Installation and Update Requirements

Adaptive OfficeConnect and Excel Interface for Planning now require version 4.7 of the Microsoft .NET Framework and Adaptive OfficeConnect Event Log Components. Installing these requires Windows administrative permissions and possibly restarting your computer. Consult with your IT department.

We've updated the technical requirements and installation instructions to include new prerequisites:

  • Updated Version: Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7
  • New: Adaptive OfficeConnect Event Log Components

You can defer the update for up to 30 days and continue working in OfficeConnect or Excel Interface for Planning. 

Model Sheets Enhancements

Filter Dimension Values for Data Entry  (New in Excel Interface for Planning)

When you configure dimension attributes to act as filters for dimension values on an Adaptive sheet, it now works the same way on an Excel Interface for Planning sheet. Data entry is easier because attributes filter dimension selections to valid choices. For example, select an attribute (like a product group and product color), then the list of dimensions (like the product) narrow so you see only products with the group and color you selected. 

Use Intuitive Modeled Formula Syntax

Reference the value of level and dimension attribute columns in modeled sheet formulas using ROW.ColumnCode in the Formula Assistant. 

Other Excel Interface for Planning Updates

Multiple Excel Workbooks

Log in once and open multiple workbooks with Excel Interface for Planning without any surprising login or logout hassles. 

New Button in the Planning Ribbon

The Refresh Task Pane button on the Planning tab ribbon loads the latest data from Adaptive into the Planning pane. New sheets, assumptions and dimensions update without refreshing the data in the grid. 

Planning tab ribbon with new Refresh Task Pane button.

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