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2017.3 Release Notes: Perform manual recalculations and use updated APIs,  new permission that allows users to import only to  levels they have access to, and logins that remember you.

Speed Up Performance with Manual Recalculations  

You can isolate cube and modeled sheets from the rest of your instance so that calculations only occur on demand instead of occurring every time your data changes.

Manual recalculation provides a performance benefit by storing the results of calculations and using them until you click Recalculate Formulas Button (Recalculate Formulas). Calculations are performed for each row in a modeled sheet whenever that row is edited.

Recalculate Button on Sheets

Manual recalculation is enabled for individual cube and modeled sheets within their Sheet Properties > Settings. You can recalculate other rows on a modeled sheet when a related row is changed by enabling the Recalculate on match setting to indicate the other rows you also want to recalculate when a given row changes:

Set Up On-Demand Calculations

Read Manual Recalculation and Recalculate on Match for more details.

Watch a video on Manual Recalculation.

Access Manual Recalculation and Custom Time Configuration with Updated APIs

The new version 16 of the REST APIs:

  • Introduces the new recalculateSheet for recalculating sheets when recalculate on demand is enabled.
  • Updates the response formats of exportAccounts, createAccount, and updateAccount to display each account's timeStratum field.
  • Updates exportTime so that it now contains: 
    • a new optional leafStratumId property for requests
    • new inUse and isDefault for its stratum element to match the new model dependent time features available in the Time Administration screen
  • Updates eraseActuals to only accept time periods at the same time stratum as the input account type for API versions 15 or higher.

Read the API Documentation for more details. 

Allow User Imports to Only the Levels They Own

As an admin, you can control if users import only to their levels, or to all levels.  Any users who could import everywhere before, automatically get Import to All Levels.

Restrict users to their levels by unchecking the new Import to All Levels permission.

Restrict User Imports to the Levels They Own  

Read Users Roles and Permissions for more details.

Log in More Quickly

The login page for the Adaptive Planning and OfficeConnect includes a new checkbox that lets your browser remember your user name. If you check it, the next time you return to the login page you only need to provide your password.

Rememeber Username

Read Logging In for more details.

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