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Adaptive Insights for Sales

Adaptive Insights for Sales 2018.1 Release Notes: Place sheets directly in Dashboards dashboards, create territory map charts of sales representative geographies, make text and scatter charts, create new versions without navigating away from dashboards, and add multiple transaction tables to load sales transactions from your CRM. 

Introducing Adaptive Insights for Sales 

Adaptive Insights for Sales augments Adaptive Insights solution with capabilities and charts specifically designed to help you with planning for sales bookings, capacity, quota, and territories.

Plan Territories and Assign Sales Representatives

Using territory planning you can optimize the deployment of your sales team across geographies, customer accounts, market segments, industries or whatever categorization makes sense to you. You can:

  • Define sales territories
  • Assign sales representatives to territories
  • Analyze territories according to market characteristics, like counts of customers, opportunities, leads, TAM
  • Score, rank and assign accounts 

Access New Charts For Sales

As part of Adaptive Insights for Sales you get access to additional Dashboards charts that aren't available anywhere else.

Sheet Charts

Include any sheet from Adaptive Insights inside a Dashboards dashboard. Save changes to instantly update dependent charts and sheets without having to navigate out of your dashboards.

Sheet Chart

Read Create a Sheet Chart for more details.

Territory Map Charts

Create maps of territory assignments. Click on territories to see sales representatives and sales data, pan and zoom with your mouse to focus on a specific region, click the filter button to hide specific sales representative territories.

Territory Map Chart

Read Create a Territory Map Chart for more details.

Scatter Charts

Display points for data values across time or dimensions. Scatter charts can do anything a line chart can, but they do not display the connecting line segments.

Read Create a Scatter Chart for more details.

Text Charts

Display static notes in your dashboard as a way to document them by formatting them with markdown or HTML.

Text Chart

Read Create a Text Chart for more details.

Create New Scenarios Quickly

Creating new scenarios is as easy as clicking a button in the version selector. You can do it without navigating away from your dashboards.

Sales Planning - Create New Version

Read Create Scenarios for more details.

Manage Multiple Transaction Tables

Manage up to five transaction tables so that you can import sales transaction data like sales opportunities and customers from your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.

Manage Transaction Tables

Read Transactions for more details.

Build Transaction Reports From Any Transaction Table

Use any of your transaction tables to create a transaction report. Each report you make can only contain elements from one transaction table.

Sales Planning Transaction Reports

Read Create Transaction Reports for more details.

Use Checkbox Data Entry Elements in Modeled Sheets

Available: May 11, 2018

The new checkbox element lets you use a checkbox in your modeled sheets to simplify data entry. Once you place it in your modeled sheet it's easy to reference it in a formula. The checked state evaluates as 1. The unchecked state evaluates as 0. As an example, you can use it in a personnel sheet to turn on or off benefits calculations with a single click. If you prefer, you can choose to display the checkbox element as a horizontal toggle switch.

Modeled Sheet Checkboxes and Toggle Switches

Read Use Modeled Sheet Checkboxes With Formulas for more details.

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