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Release 2018.1 for integration: Automated dimension metadata loader and API enhancements.

Automated Dimension Metadata Loading

Integration now includes a new Planning Dimension Loader for creating or updating custom dimension values. You can load them in-bulk without having to access the dimension administration screen within Adaptive Planning. Just like the other loaders, you map columns then apply business rules when you import.

The new loader lets you:

  • Associate existing attribute values to dimension values during create/update of custom dimension values.
  • Include the dimension loader within an Integration task to automate dimension value imports.
  • View a detailed report of all the changes caused by the import.

Planning Dimension Loader

Read Create a Planning Dimension Loader for more details.

Watch a video on the Planning Dimension Loader.

API Enhancements for Dimension Updates and Currency Exports

New updateDimensions API
  • New method for updating dimensions in-bulk: updateDimensions 
    • Can be used to manage custom dimensions and dimension values.
    • Can create/update custom dimensions and dimension values including reparenting of dimension values.
    • Can associate existing attribute values to dimension values during create/update of custom dimension values.
    • Returns detailed responses with custom dimensions changes.
    • Allows creating instead of updating by leaving off the ID property or setting the ID property blank.
    • Allows setting the version availability of a dimension value.
    • Prevents deleting dimensions when updating them via API.

Read updateDimensions for more details.

Enhanced exportActiveCurriencies API
  • Updated method: exportActiveCurrencies 
    • Adds new userDefined attribute to indicate User-Defined Currencies, newly available with this release.

Read exportActiveCurrencies for more details.

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