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Planning and Reporting

Release 2018.1 for planning and reporting: Filter on modeled sheets, reset a standard sheet to its default view and open up to three OfficeConnect workbooks at once.

Filter on Modeled Sheets with Excel Interface for Planning

A new Filter button on the Excel Planning ribbon lets you filter modeled sheets

  • Find relevant data without having to search and scroll.
  • Easily manage large modeled sheets with lots of rows.

Filters Pop Up for Modeled Sheets

Reset to Default Views in Sheets

After you've changed Display Options to modify your view of sheets, you can return to your original view with one click of the new Reset to Default View button: ResetDefaultView.png

The default view of a sheet is either the original view of the sheet, or it's set by your admin in the Display Options of each sheet. 

Open Multiple OfficeConnect Workbooks

You won't be forced to save and close a workbook before opening another.

To open additional workbooks, you must either use the Windows Start menu to launch OfficeConnect for Excel or open an OfficeConnect file from your file management system.

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