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Small but Noteworthy

2018.2 Release Notes for small but noteworthy changes: A little change to the navigation menu, the sheets toolbar, and the knowledge center Accounts guide.

Microsoft Support Update

We support the Microsoft Semi-Annual Channel for the use of Excel with Adaptive Planning. This includes template reports, Excel Interface for Planning, and OfficeConnect. Microsoft recommends the Semi-Annual Channel for "organizations that have a significant number of line-of-business applications, add-ins, or macros that need to be tested with each release."

Get more information on Office 365 best practices.

Expand the Welcome Page Navigation Menu With a Click

Click navicon.gif on the Welcome page to open the nav menu. To open the nav menu from anywhere else, simply hover your cursor over navicon.gif as you normally would. 

Clear All Removed from Sheets

The Clear All button on sheets is gone, but you can clear any unsaved edits with the Refresh button, same as always. 

Updated Knowledge Center Articles for Account Management

We've added new articles and updated others in the Accounts guide. You'll find information about:

  • The account hierarchy and the difference between account rollups, roots, and groups.
  • Account fields and settings for each account type.
  • Overview information about cumulative and periodic accounts.
  • Comprehensive details about linked accounts, including an overview, how-to, use-cases and a walkthrough. 

Browse through the guide and rate the articles. We welcome your feedback!

Software Logic Improvement for iff() Statements

We corrected a software logic error that returned for formulas utilizing iff() statements in some scenarios. These formulas will evaluate without errors in this release. The fix may impact data because these evaluations could not run until now. Values that appeared red before, now evaluate as expected.


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