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Modeling and Consolidation

2018.2 Release Notes for Modeling and Consolidation: Weighted-Average Translation reset and balance transfer, new setting for modeled sheets, and updated templates for account imports.

Weighted-Average Translation (WAT) Reset and Balance Transfer

Two new settings for weighted-average translation accounts (WATs) automate data flow. When you enable these settings for weighted-average translation accounts, data flows and currencies convert as you would expect. Before you may have managed the need to reset your weighted-average translation account with formulas and account references, but now, with a few settings, you can automate that process.

New weighted-average translation settings

Reset Balance

With this weighted-average translation option, the balance accumulates throughout the selected time period. Then, at the start of the next period, the balance reverts automatically to zero and starts accumulating again. You choose the time interval. The time intervals available are based on your calendar setup, most commonly month, quarter, and year. 

Transfer Balance on Reset

This option becomes available when you enable Reset Balance. With the Transfer Balance on Reset option, the balance that accumulated over the previous period transfers to another account in the next period. You choose the account from the drop-down. There are restrictions for the account that can receive a weighted-average translation balance transfer.

See Weighted-Average Translation Overview, Create Weighted-Average Translation Accounts and Weighted-Average Translation Walkthrough.

Watch the overview video (2 m 13 s):

Weighted-Average Translation (WAT) Reset Overview

Watch the how-to video (2 m 56 s):

Create a Weighted-Average Translation (WAT) Account

Improve the Performance of Modeled Sheets with New Setting

Set a maximum number of rows your modeled sheets display to decrease their load time. If the Excel Interface for Planning or web-based sheet contains more rows than your maximum, your team sees a message encouraging them to use filters. 

Truncated Modeled Sheet.png

  • The maximum also applies to Cell Explorer contributing rows and dimensions. 
  • Row splits don't count toward the maximum. 

From the nav menu, choose Administration, then General Setup. Enter the maximum rows you want your modeled sheets to display at once and save your changes. 

  • A lower maximum decreases load time. Use filters to see different sets of data.
  • A higher maximum lets you see all the data on the sheet without filters, but increases the load time.

See General Setup.

Updated Account Import Templates

We've updated the Custom Account and GL Accounts Import templates.

  • New fields for the Weighted-average Translation setting.
  • Clearer instructions.
  • Revisions to the Possible Values column.
  • Additional Requirements and Default column that explains when columns are required and what happens if you leave them blank. 
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