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2018.2 Release Notes for Discovery.

Axis Label for Breakdown by Dimension Now Displays the Full Dimension Name

Prior to this release, the axis label on charts with a breakdown by dimension would display:

  1. The short name by default if defined in the dimension settings.
  2. shorthand version of the dimension name if the short name was unavailable. For example, Un. Stat. was shorthand for United States or Compt. was shorthand for Computer Equipment.

As of this release when the short name is unavailable, the axis label will display the full dimension name. This enhanced axis label format applies to dimensions and dimension attributes.

Display Examples When Full Dimension Name is the Axis Label

Resize Drop-downs

Resize drop-down menus on perspective contexts and on the chart time toolbar. Use one of the corner handles resize-handle.png to stretch or shrink the menu width and length.

Resizing a Drop-down from the Perspective Context


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