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Adaptive Insights French

2018.2 Release Notes

  • Discovery
    2018.2 Release Notes for Discovery.
  • Integration
    2018.2 Release Notes for Integration: Create dimension attribute values during import and API enhancements.
  • Modeling and Consolidation
    2018.2 Release Notes for Modeling and Consolidation: Weighted-Average Translation reset and balance transfer, new setting for modeled sheets, and updated templates for account imports.
  • OfficeConnect, Sheets, and Excel Interface for Planning
    2018.2 Release Notes for Sheets, OfficeConnect, and Excel Interface for Planning: New buttons in the OfficeConnect ribbon toolbar, easier ways to select dimensions in Excel Interface for Planning,  and multi-instance support for OfficeConnect and Excel Interface for Planning.
  • Adaptive Insights for Sales
    2018.2 Release Notes for Adaptive Insights for Sales.
  • Small but Noteworthy
    2018.2 Release Notes for small but noteworthy changes: A little change to the navigation menu, the sheets toolbar, and the knowledge center Accounts guide.
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