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2018.3 Release Notes for Discovery.

Dashboards has a New Crisp, Modern Look

We've updated the Dashboards interface. You'll see crisper, cleaner, modern lines designed to focus your attention on what matters – visualizing your data.


We've made a few usability improvements too:

  • Perspective time filter has shifted to the left — closer to all filtering actions.
  • Fewer clicks are needed when selecting data filters.
  • Fonts on KPI charts resize automatically based on the size of the chart.
  • Series legend now shows text exactly the way you want it.

Take Snapshots and Track Data Changes Over Time

Take a snapshot of all dashboards and charts in a perspective and email a link to others for them to view. Send a snapshot from 1 the perspective overview or from 2 within the perspective.

Send a snaphot of dashboards in a perspective

Use snapshots to:

  • Keep track of data changes over time
  • Remind your users to review dashboards.

Snapshots are saved within Adaptive Planning as PDFs and accessed from an email link. 

Here's how it works:

  1. You take a snapshot of your perspective and share it by sending an email to others who have access to Dashboards
  2. Email recipients can view the snapshot online or download to their devices for future reference.

See Send a Perspective Snapshot for more.

Custom Color Themes

Now from Dashboards Preferences, you can change the default colors that display on your data visualizations – to ones that work for you. For example, you can create a color theme that meets your corporate visual guidelines.

Custom Theme from Admin Preferences

You can pick colors or specify the Hex values.

See Manage Dashboards Preference for more.

Reorganized Documentation

We've reorganized Dashboards product documentation in the knowledge center. You'll find content for the new user interface here:

  • Get Started: Easy steps to insight and creating your first set of charts
  • Overview: A UI quick tour and basics on perspectives, dashboards, and interacting with charts
  • Walkthroughs: How-to's that walk you through creating charts of all shapes and sizes
  • Advanced Concepts and Techniques: Beyond the basics into filtering, conditional formatting, and calculations
  • Reference: Setting and option descriptions for all chart types and UI
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