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2018.3 Release Notes for consolidation.

Rule-Driven Consolidation Methods


Set up a combination of consolidation methods in the Consolidation Percentages sheet settings. Enter a range of ownership percentages with up to nine decimal places to define the trigger of any method or combination of methods:

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Choose Consolidation Methods
  • Full: All accounts roll up to the parent level at 100%, and the minority interest automatically calculates for your net income account.
  • Proportional: Same as always, all accounts roll up in proportion to the ownership percentages.
  • No Consolidation: No level rollup from the subsidiary to the parent. Best for equity or cost methods.

See Consolidation Ownership and Choose Consolidation Methods

Automated Minority Interest Adjustments to Net Income


The new full consolidation method automates minority interest adjustments to your general ledger net income account.

  • You choose the minimum percent of ownership that triggers full consolidation.
  • All accounts of a majority owned subsidiary roll up at 100% to the parent level. 
  • The minority interest adjustment automatically calculates in a system account. It's the net income multiplied by the minority percent of ownership.
  • When the system account rolls up to your net income, it automatically adjusts the total value for net income.

See the complete walkthrough: Automate Minority Interest Adjustments.

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