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Elastic Hypercube Technology

2018.3 Release Notes for Elastic Hypercube Technology.

Elastic Hypercube Technology improves performance and gives you a powerful platform that can scale intelligently as your model expands. Here's what you can expect in this release: 

  • Better import performance – for modeled and cube data.
  • Model evaluation and caching got more intelligent, efficient, and granular – thanks to targeted evaluation and caching rules.
  • Numbers load from cache more quickly for faster mathematical calculations.

Large Cube Sheet Support

New capabilities make large cube sheets scalable.

  • If you're entering data, use the new Add Row button to reveal specific rows while suppressing all other zeros and blanks. See Add Splits and Rows.
    Add row to cube sheet dialogue.png
  • Add up to 10 dimensions without affecting performance. 
  • Suppressed rows no longer count toward your row maximum.

Watch the video (1m 4s):

Add Rows in Cube Sheets

New Filters Options in Modeled and Cube Sheets

Keyword Filter in Modeled Sheets

Filter Modeled Sheets

The new filter enhances how you search for records. Enter words, portions of words, and numbers.

  • Keyword filters find matches only within the parameters of your Display Option filters. You'll know you have active filters if the Display Option button is orange FiltersOn.png.
  • Unlike a search that takes you to the next match, the keyword filter shows only the records that match the keywords.  
  • If your modeled sheet is truncated to limit viewable records and you filter for keywords, the filter searches for matches beyond the viewable sheet. For example, if your sheet shows 100 of 1,000 records, your keyword filter searches all 1,000 records for matches.

See Filter Sheets.

Filter Attributes with Dimensions in  Cube Sheet Rows

Choose a dimension from the filter drop-down to filter any related attributes in the rows. See Filter Sheets.

Dimension filter attributes in rows

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