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User Experience Enhancements

Release Notes for 2019.2: Changes across Adaptive Insights, including modeled sheets, OfficeConnect and Excel Interface for Planning, Sales Planning, and performance.

Modeled Sheet Maximum Rows

If you haven't yet set a maximum number of rows in the general settings for your modeled sheets, your modeled sheets may be performing slowly. Now, for any unspecified maximums, we're adding a default maximum of 2,000. This will improve the performance of modeled sheets and cell explorer.

The maximum doesn't limit the rows in your manual or API exports, or printable views. 

To change the default at any time, go to Administration > General Settings and enter the maximum of your choice: 

Modeled Sheet Maximum Rows Setting

See the original release note and General Setup.

Improved Password Security

Set a time constraint for failed login attempts. The additional field lets you set how many attempts are allowed in a specific time period before the system locks the account. The defaults for both settings match industry best practices: 10 failed attempts within 1,440 minutes (24 hours). 

new password management field.png

See Manage Passwords

OfficeConnect and Excel Interface for Planning

Longer Session Timeout

You can now define your OfficeConnect and Excel Interface for Planning Session Timeout setting to be longer than 60 minutes on the Administration > General Setup page. The minimum setting is for 5 minutes and the maximum setting is for 500 minutes. Previously, if the admin setting was configured for more than 60 minutes, it was not honored by the OfficeConnect and Excel Interface for Planning session timeouts. See General Setup.

Adaptive Insights for Sales

Sheets on Dashboards Enhancements 

You now have more flexibility to configure your sheets on dashboards.

  • Configure and save the display for an individual sheet.
     Display Options
  • Enable the relative time period display for a sheet.

See Use Sheets on Dashboards.


Elastic Hypercube Technology

You can expect enhanced import performance for enterprise-readiness and scalability.

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