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OfficeConnect and Excel Interface for Planning

2018.2 Release Notes for Sheets, OfficeConnect, and Excel Interface for Planning: New buttons in the OfficeConnect ribbon toolbar, easier ways to select dimensions in Excel Interface for Planning, and multi-instance support for OfficeConnect and Excel Interface for Planning.

Access Multiple Instances in OfficeConnect and Excel Interface for Planning

All the instances you can access are now listed in a drop-down menu in the Planning and Reporting panes. You can open and update other workbooks with different instances at the same time.

 Multi-instance for OfficeConnect and Excel Interface for Planning.png

  • Use one instance per OfficeConnect workbook: After you add elements to the workbook, the instance selection drop-down locks. Open another workbook to access a different instance.
  • Use one instance per Excel Interface for Planning worksheet: After you add a sheet (and its content) to the grid, the Instances drop-down locks for that sheet. Add a new sheet to access a different instance.

Watch the video (1m 19s):

Multi Instance Access

New Ribbon in OfficeConnect: New Buttons, Less Errors, Faster Production

We've added new buttons and rearranged others for ease of use. 

Ribbon with Callouts

  • New Update Elements EIPRefreshtask.png: Click to refresh the Reporting pane elements.
  • New Apply to Selection Apply Elements: Click to add elements to selected columns and rows.
  • Refresh Refresh and Clear Data ClearData.png: We separated these two different actions to reduce errors.

Clutter-Free OfficeConnect Reporting Pane and New Buttons in the OfficeConnect Ribbon

Your Reporting pane is clutter-free—and don't worry—all those functions that were in the Reporting pane are still at your fingertips.

Old and new Reporting Pane

Here's where you can find the same functions that used to be on the Reporting pane:

Previous Apply button Apply to selected cells

Find it on your OfficeConnect ribbon toolbar, and it's still there in your right-click menu too.

Apply Elements

Previous Expand and Collapse Expand and collapse

Right-click on any element in the Reporting pane to find all your expand and collapse options for easy management of your element tree.

Right-click Expand and Collapse

Previous Refresh Update elements

Find it in your OfficeConnect ribbon toolbar:

Update Elements

Find and Select Dimensions Faster in Excel Interface for Planning Sheets

For modeled and standard sheets with dimensions, you don't have to scroll through cell-sized drop-downs to find and select your dimensions. Click a cell with dimensions and open the new list of dimension values. The new list is:

  • Easy to browse: Expand and collapse the hierarchical list using arrows or quick right-click commands. 
  • Searchable: Start typing and the list narrows to match your keywords. 

New Dimension List

You have two choices to open the list:

  • Click Select Dimension in the ribbon:

Select Dimension in Ribbon

  • Right-click and select Adaptive > Select Dimension value:

Right-click Menu

Modeled Sheet Filters Include Split Rows

Whether you're filtering a mdoeled sheet in the cloud or with Excel Interface for Planning, your filter results now include split rows.

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