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Reports, OfficeConnect, and Sheets

2018.3 Release Notes for OfficeConnect, Excel Interface for Planning, and sheets.

Preview the features of our upcoming 2018.3 release. 

Increased Cube Sheet Maximum

Cube sheet maximum default size has increased from 1 GB to 5 GB. 

New Right-Click Options in Modeled Sheets

With a simple right-click, anyone on a modeled sheet can add and edit dimensions as they enter data. Right-click on a dimension cell and select Edit Dimension Values or Create Dimension Value.

Right-click Actions in Sheets

To activate this option on modeled sheet

  1.  Edit the modeled sheet and click Columns and Levels.
  2. From the columns, select a dimension. 
  3. In the General Properties, click the Edit dimension on sheet checkbox and save.

OfficeConnect and {{eip}} Now Support Office 2019 

We made updates to support Microsoft's release of Office 2019.

Hex Codes in Web Reporting 

Get the colors on your reports to match your brand or your taste. From the Style tab of Properties, choose a background or font color. Enter your hex code for an exact color match: 

Report Properties Hex Codes

Ribbon Update in OfficeConnect


Instead of clicking Builder to hide or show the Reporting pane in your OfficeConnect worksheets, click Show Task Pane.

Ribbon Toggle

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