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2018.3 Release Notes for Integration.

Automated Level Metadata Loading

Integration now includes a new Planning Level Loader for creating or updating organizational levels. Just like in the other loaders, you map source columns to planning properties. You can also optionally include business rules.

Watch the video: 1m 36s

Create a Planning Level Loader

The new loader lets you:

  • Include the level loader within an integration task to automate level imports from external systems.
  • Create or update levels and their properties.
  • Reparent levels during an import.

Planning Level Loader 

The level loader and the bulk updateLevels API let you tag existing level attribute values and create new level attributes values.

Watch the Video: 1m 41s

Create Level Attribute Values During Level Import


API Enhancements for Level Updates

New updateLevels API for updating levels in-bulk: updateLevels

  • Manage levels and their attribute values.
  • Create or update levels, including reparenting of levels.
  • Update level properties. 

Improved Scalability for CCDS Scripts

A new Simple API for XML (SAX) parser is now available for scripts written in custom cloud data sources (CCDS). Use this parser to handle large XML documents.

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