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2019.1 Release Notes for Integration

Account and Attribute Metadata Loaders


New Account Metadata Loader and Attribute Metadata Loader for creating or updating GL accounts and attributes. Like other loaders, you map source columns to planning properties. 

Metadata Bulk APIs


You can synchronize metadata defined in an external system to Adaptive Insights on a regular, scheduled basis:

  • updateAccounts API: GL accounts only
  • updateAttributes API: Attributes and attribute values

These single-entity APIs are no longer available with the release of API v20:

  • createDimension
  • updateDimension
  • createDimensionValue
  • updateDimensionValue
  • createLevel
  • updateLevel

They will continue to function with previous API versions. For single-entity creation or update in API v20 and beyond, use the metadata bulk APIs of updateDimensions and updateLevels

Functions for Replacing Text 

When you write expressions for custom SQL columns in a data source staging table, you can now use:

  • REPLACE: Replaces all instances of [text_expr_1] in [text_expr_3] with the value [text_expr_2].
  • REGEX_REPLACE: Replaces all instances that match the regular expression [text_expr_1] in [text_expr_3] with [text_expr_2].
  • TO_ACCOUNT_CODE: Transforms text and ensures a value is compatible with the planning Account Code field. Removes all spaces and then replaces any non-alphanumeric characters with underscores and truncates values over 2048 characters long.

You can only use these functions in a custom SQL column for a data source staging table.

Support for NetSuite Token-Based Authentication 

For enhanced security, the NetSuite 2018.1 release requires two-factor authentication (2FA) for all highly-privileged roles in NetSuite production, sandbox, development, and Release Preview accounts. In the NetSuite 2019.1 release, 2FA becomes mandatory for API and integration access. NetSuite recommends using token-based authentication (TBA) to implement 2FA for API and integration access.

With the Adaptive Insights 2019.1 release, you can upgrade to NetSuite 2018.1 and leverage TBA for data integration between Adaptive Insights and NetSuite. This enhanced security supports these data integration approaches:

  • NetSuite Basic integration
  • NetSuite Enhanced (advanced) integration
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