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Dimension Won't Roll Up


I have one dimension (Customer Vendor Type) setup to show on the income statement that I want to see. However, it only shows up at the branch level (lowest Level) of my plan. I want to be able to see this breakout at all levels of my plan.


What you are seeing is expected behavior. Because dimensions are specific to a certain plan and account combination, you would only see the dimension itself at the lowest plan level where the account is tagged with that specific dimension value. However, in some cases, you can see the total of a dimension's values at a roll-up level on a report.

For example, let's say you have a dimension called "Location" that includes the values "US" and "UK" and you're tagging your Salaries account with these dimension values at the "Operations" and "Marketing" plan levels. You can now drag the "Location" dimension  onto the report like below:

And then see the total of all the values under Location at the Corporate plan level:

This will only work for the Location dimension rollup and not each of the values that fall under it.

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