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Troubleshoot Reports

Error: An error occurred while communicating with the server.

Error: An error occurred while communicating with the server. Please try again.

This error can occur when creating and saving a matrix report or when saving a matrix report after editing or removing a structural element on the report. For example, if an account that is added to a report is deleted or renamed before the report is saved, the error above would occur after attempting to save the report.

To correct the error:
  • Option 1: Build a new report. Building a new report will ensure that the report elements and model elements are synced.
  • Option 2: If you know which element was modified or deleted (i.e. account, level, dimension etc..), remove the element from the report and try to save again.

Error: Cannot insert entity

This error occurs when trying to save a report in a folder where there is already another report with the same name. To correct the error, change the name of the report and try to save again.

Error: All segments on the horizontal axis must include version. 

Error occurred while processing report with following error message: All segments on the horizontal axis must include version.  Please modify the report and retry.

This error occurs when a user does not have access to at least one of the versions included on the report. The user should be able to run the report successfully after they have access to a version on the report.

To review version access and correct the error:
  • Go to Modeling > Versions and review the Access Control settings for each version included on the report
  • For the user to be able to run the report, make sure the version is not set to "Hidden" for the users group. 
    • Version folders can also come into play here. If the version is available for the user and they still get this error, make sure the folder the version is located in is also available (not "Hidden") for the user.

Error: The template you have attempted to upload uses a format that is not supported for new reports.

The template you have attempted to upload uses a format that is not supported for new reports. You must select a template that adheres to the Adaptive Planning 4.0 format.

This error can occur when:
  1. The template was not created by using the Excel output of the report from Adaptive Insights as the base 
  2. The Report Data and Report Info tabs were deleted from the template
    • While you cannot delete the Report Data and Report Info tabs, you can hide them and the template should attach without error.
  3. One of the tabs above was renamed to "Report"

If the error persists after verifying that the Report Data and Report Info tabs were not deleted or renamed, use the steps below to create a new template.

To create a new template:
  1. Go to Reports > right-click on the report and choose Modify Template > select Blank Template
  2. Run the report as a template to Excel
  3. Add new tabs for the formatting changes and save the template
  4. Go back to your report and add the template created in step 3

Issue: Blank period to date column

Example: Why is my period to date column blank?

This would occur when the PTD element on the report has strata set to day but the account strata is set to month because data for the account does not exist for a single day. It is helpful to (1) review the Element Properties of the PTD element and (2) the accounts defined time stratum. If the PTD element is using a strata where data doesn't exist for an account, the PTD column will return blanks for the account. To correct the PTD column, (3) choose a Strata that exists for the account.

1. Review the PTD Element Properties:
  • In the report builder, right-click on the element and select "Properties..."
  • Review the Strata setting to determine the granularity of time being used for the PT
2. Review an accounts defined time stratum:
  • Go to Modeling > Accounts Accounts Details > Data Type
  • Review the Stratum setting to determine the time granularity used for entering data in the account
3. To correct the PTD column in the report:
  • In the report builder, right-click on the element and select "Properties..."
  • Choose a Strata that exists for the account

Issue: Report values cannot be explored

Why can I only drill-into some numbers on the report but not others?

Values cannot be explored in reports for the following scenarios:
  1. (Only) or (Any) values
  2. The value is of "% of Account" type
  3. The value is a report calculation number (e.g. custom calculation, subtotal, or difference element)
  4. The value aggregates more than one coordinate (version, account, level, and/or time) in the system except for  account, level, or time rollups. 
  5. Values for YTD or QTD elements
  6. Coordinates which are filtered with more than one dimension value for a single dimension where the dimension values that have been used in the filter do not map to a single rollup value for that dimension. This includes standard version/account/level/time) as well as custom dimensions.
    • There is an exception to this rule for a version/account/level/time coordinate that has multiple splits associated with it. For this exception, you would be able to explore the number if a set of custom dimension filters (one or more) are provided with single dimension values as qualifiers.

Issue: Calculated report value is returning a large numbers when it should be 0

Why are the calculated values on my report displaying large numbers when the values should be 0?

This is likely due to 0 values containing decimals that are not visible. For example, the number 0.00001 will return 0 if the precision is not set to display 5 or more decimal places. This can be corrected by truncating the account in the calculation.

To review the precision:
  • Go to Report Properties and select the Numbers tab.
To truncate an account in the calculation:
  • Right-click on the calculation and open the Formula Assistant
  • Select Mathematical from the Function dropdown 
  • Open the second dropdown, select the trunc, and click Insert into Formula
    • Original calculation: Divf(RPT.ACCT_01,RPT.ACCT_02)
    • New calculation: Divf(trunc(RPT.ACCT_01),trunc(RPT.ACCT_02))

Issue: Report can't be added to Announcements 

Why can some reports be added to Announcements while other reports are unavailable?

Reports with a parameter that is set to Prompt before viewing will not be available to be displayed as an Announcement.

To review the setting:
  • Go to Reports, right-click on the report, and select Modify
  • Right-click on any of the parameters added to the report, select Properties, and check to see if the Prompt before viewing box is checked

Issue: Report values for an account do not match the accounts value on a sheet

Why does the value for an account on my report not match the value of the account on a sheet?

There are various reasons why an account value would be different on a report than when viewed on a sheet. The settings below should be checked first when troubleshooting.

  1. Verify that the sheet and the report are displaying data from the same version and level
  2. Check to make sure the report is not filtered for a different currency type
  3. Verify that the account on the sheet and the account on the report have the same account code because multiple accounts can have the same name
To review the information for the account on the sheet:
  1. Open the sheet to the same version and level on the report
  2. Right-click on a value for the accounts > select Explore Cell > the accounts code will be in the top left corner of the Explore Cell window
To review the information for the account on the report:
  1. Go to Reports and run the report
  2. Click on a value for the account to open the Explore Cell window > the account code in the top left corner

Click the information icon in the report toolbar when viewing a report to show the version, level, and currency details.

Issue: Show splits in accounts option is missing from Report Properties

Why is the "show splits in accounts" option missing from Report Properties?

In order for the "show splits in accounts" option to show in the Report Properties dialog, the account element must be in the innermost (right-most) tier in the rows axis of your report builder.

Issue: Splits do not appear after checking the box to show splits in accounts

Why are splits not showing on a report after checking the box to show splits in accounts?

After checking the show splits in accounts box in Report Properties, the accounts containing the splits need to be expanded.

To expand the accounts:
  • Right-click on the accounts containing the splits and select "Manage Hierarchy..."
  • Expand any accounts where you want to see splits or select "Expand All" to view splits for all accounts
    • Splits will be displayed if you see the ellipses "..." beneath an account 

Issue: Report is unavailable for a user with the Modify All Reports permission

Why does a report appear as unavailable (gray) for users with the "Modify All Reports" permission?

A report will be unavailable (gray report name) if a user has the "Modify All Reports" role permission, but does not have access to any of the elements in the report. For example, if a version is Hidden from a user and the report only contains that Hidden version, the report name will appear in gray indicating that the report is unavailable for the user to run.

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