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Restrict access by IP address

This article includes suggestions and workarounds. Content may not be accurate for all use cases or represent best practices for the latest release.


Is it possible to restrict access to Adaptive Insight by IP Address?


It is possible to restrict access to your Adaptive Insights instance by IP address. To restrict access to your instance by IP Address, take the following steps.

  1.  Login as an Administrator
  2. Click on Administration > General Setup
  3. Enter the IP addresses in the "Allow logins only from IP Addresses" box and click Save

Multiple IP addresses can be specified in the "Allow logins only from IP Addresses" field and must be separated by commas. For a range, you must enter two valid IP addresses and place a hyphen between them.

There is a limit of 2,048 characters that can be entered in this field and ranges are not allowed. Please note this field is only present if IP Restrictions have been enabled in your instance. If you do not see the option to enter IP Restrictions, send an email to and we can enable it for you.

Typically when Administrators restrict access by IP addresses, they restrict the access by the network IP address. This allows the Administrator to use a single IP address for several users who have unique IP addresses on their machines. For example, here at the Austin location of Adaptive Insights, we have 4 users who share 1 network IP address.

The users can check their IP addresses using the link below. If the IP address is the same for multiple users, that would indicate they are sharing a network IP address.

For security reasons, when a user is rejected due to an IP mismatch, they are presented with an error message that does not mention the phrase "IP address". Instead the message will state login has been rejected due to using an "invalid network".

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