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Restore an instance to a previous time

This article includes suggestions and workarounds. Content may not be accurate for all use cases or represent best practices for the latest release. 


I accidentally deleted something in my instance. Can a restore my instance to a previous time?


Yes, instances can be restored with a backup. We typically take backups nightly of instances as of 11 PM server time (PT for US/Canada, GMT+1 for EMEA, and AEDT for Australia) on days when there is activity in the model, and they are generally available for 30 days. If you would like to restore your instance, you can reach out to Support to get the process started.

Restore Options
1. Overwrite Production 
  • We take the backup and replace the production instance with the backup.
  • This is a restore of the entire instance and there is not a way pick and choose parts of the instance to restore.
  • With this type of backup, any changes made since the backup will be lost.

As soon as our Server Hosting team starts the process for an Overwrite Production, users will be removed from the instance and will be unable to login until it is complete.

2. Restore in Existing Sandbox
  • We take the backup from Production and overwrite an existing Sandbox instance.
  • Similar to an Overwrite Production, this is a full overwrite of the Sandbox instance with the copy of Production from a prior point in time.
  • Example: If you accidentally did an import that clears out your personnel data, but do not want to overwrite your production instance where recent work has been done, we can overwrite an existing Sandbox you have instead and you can log in to take exports or other printable views to import the data back into your Production instance.
3. Restore to a new Temporary Sandbox
  • We create a new sandbox instance and replace this with the backup 
  • There is an additional fee for the work involved in creating a new instance which is added to the restore fee
  • You will have access to the new instance for 30 days and can pay a subscription to extend the 2nd instance beyond 30 days

A restore for a multi-instance setup is a restore of the entire instance tree (ALL parent and all child instances). We are not able to restore an individual instance in a multi-instance setup.

What do I need to do to get the process started?

To start the process for a restore please reach out to Support through either the Support Ticket Portal or by e-mailing The following information will be needed to begin processing any restores:

1. Written confirmation on the type of restore and the date of backup
  • Overwrite of Production, Restore in Development, or Restore to New Instance
  • This written confirmation can be in the form of an e-mail sent to Support or a Support Ticket open through the Support Portal 
  • If you are a Partner requesting a restore for a clients instance, the written confirmation must come from the client directly and a user who is an administrator in the instance. You can sign the order if you are paying for the restore.
2. The instance code for the instance you would like to restore
  • The code can be found by navigating to Administration > General Setup 
3. Signed order form for the restore
  • After Support receives written confirmation of the restore type, the date of the backup, and the code, they will contact the Customer Success team so that they can create and send an order form.
  • Once the order form has been signed and returned to our Customer Success Team, Support will escalate the restore request to our Server Hosting team.
How long does a restore take?
  • If we receive the signed order form before 12:00 PM Pacific Time, we can typically complete the restore by end of day.
  • If we receive after 12:00 PM Pacific Time , we typically can complete the restore by the end of the next business day.

A multi-instance restore, a restore to a backup that has to be upgraded to the current release, or the restore of a large instance over 50GB may take up to 7 business days.

Are there any costs associated with a restore?

There is a base fee associated with restores that will be provided by Support.

  • If you choose Restore to New Instance, there is an additional fee for the work involved in creating a new instance which is added to the restore fee.
  • If we have had a release since the last backup taken and have to upgrade the backup to be in sync with the production version, there is an additional cost for the work involved in upgrading the backup which is added to the restore fee.
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