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Hide a version from one user


I have a version that I would like to hide from one user so I created a global user group, added the user, and then I changed the Access Control setting for the version to ‘Hidden’ for that group. Why can the user still access the version?


If a user belongs to multiple groups, the user is granted the highest level of access that their group membership allow.

In this case, the user in question is either a member of the User group or the Editable Sheet Access group depending on their role permission. If the role the user is assigned to has the Editable Sheet Access box checked, they will belong to the Editable Sheet Access group. If the Editable Sheet Access box is not checked, they will be in the User group.

To hide a version from this user, you will need to either set Users or Editable Sheet Access to hidden depending on which group he belongs to. Then, the users that are in the User or Editable Sheet Access group will need to be assigned to a global user group and then given the higher level access permission.


Please see the Version Access and Version Access Control articles for more information.

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