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FAQs for Versions

How-to: Create a new parent version folder

You can drag and drop a folder to change the location in the hierarchy. When you click a version and drag it to a new location within the hierarchy, icons will appear by your cursor to indicate where the folder can move

Icons that appear when moving a version folder:
  1.  : Indicates you are dragging the folder to a location where it cannot be moved
  2. : Indicates you are moving the folder to be a sub-folder in an existing folder
  3. : Indicates you are moving a folder above or below an existing folder in the hierarchy
To move a folder to a higher level or to the top level in the hierarchy:
  • Existing folders: Click on the folder and drag and drop the folder to the sibling level of the folder you are hovering over in the folder hierarchy (see icon 3 above)
  • New folders: You can use the "Create new folder" icon in the toolbar if you select an actuals version at the lowest level in the hierarchy or a plan version that has not been added to a folder
To move a folder to become a sub-folder or create a sub-folder:
  • Existing folders: Click on the folder and drag and drop on another existing folder (see icon 2 above)
  • New folders: Select an existing folder and click the "Create new folder" icon from the toolbar or by right-clicking on the existing folder

How-to: Display unadjusted actuals data in a plan version

Example: You need to make adjustments to the actuals version but don't want the adjustment included in the actuals overlay for a plan versions

You can use actuals sub-versions to overlay unadjusted actuals data. The root Actuals version in the hierarchy sums the values of the sub-versions and is the default version selected for actuals overlay in plan versions. You

To change the actuals overlay version: percent of sales:
  1. Go to Modeling > Versions and select a plan version
  2. In the Options section, click the dropdown by the "Actuals version for overlay" setting and select the unadjusted sub-version

How-to: Erase actuals data for specific accounts or time periods

You can go to Integration > Erase Actuals to delete data for specific accounts types and time periods. This page allows you to erase data for a specific actuals version, account type, and time period.

How-to: Delete all splits for a version

To delete all splits for a versions:
  • New versions: Un-check "Copy splits in GL and custom accounts" in the New Version Options
  • Existing versions: Because splits are specific to an account, level, and version, they must be manually deleted at the specific intersection after they are created

How-to: Prevent plan versions from updating if actuals data changes

Locking a version prevents users from being able to import new values or overwrite values directly on the sheets. However, a locked version will still update plan values if they are derived from formulas that reference actuals data. If new actuals data is imported for previous months, the value in formulas will change to reflect the updated value.

To prevent the plan data from updating:
  1. Navigate to Modeling >  Versions 
  2. In the Access Control settings, check the box for "Locked version" 
  3. Check the box for “Calculate formula values” which will only be available for locked versions

How-to: Remove user edits in a version

To remove edits and keep data:
  • You can use the Formulas page to "remove user edits" for all levels for individual accounts. For plan versions, 
To remove edits and delete data: 
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