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Template Reports


What are Report Templates used for and why would I want to create a Template Report rather than an HTML Report?


Templates provide additional formatting flexibility for reports. Templates are Excel files that can be added to regular reports and to repeating reports. In the template, changes can be made to the formatting, such as font color, font type, and background color. The Excel file can then be saved, and attached to the report as a template.

Important Characteristics of Templates:

  • Templates not only allow custom formatting, but also notes, other summary data, and calculations.
  • Templates are useful in calculating data across different versions.
  • The original data tab (or tabs) can be hidden, so that users only see the template version. From the Format menu, select Sheet, then Hide.
  • Macros can be added to templates.

To attach a template to a report:

1. Right-click on the report where you want to attach the template and click on the "Attach Template" option.


2. Choose the last radio button and click the Browse button.

3. Choose the template you want to use from your computer and then click OK.


4. Once you refresh the screen you will see that the report icon has turned green meaning that the template has been attached. Now when you run the report, you will receive an Excel file pop up which will include all the data formatted based on your template.


5. If you need to make any changes to the template or replace the template you are currently using with another template, right-click the report and click on the "Modify Template" option.

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