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Larger than Expected Report Values

This article includes suggestions and workarounds. Content may not be accurate for all use cases or represent best practices for the latest release. 


Why are the calculated values on my report displaying large numbers when I expect it to be 0?


This is likely due to 0 values containing decimals that are not visible. For example, the number 0.00001 will display as 0 when less than 5 decimal places are displayed. You can see below an example where an account 6420 Hotel is displaying a 0, and account 6430 Meals is displaying 10. The custom calculation is taking 6430 Meals divided by 6430 Hotel, which is expected to be 0, but it is displaying 1,000,000.


custom calc.png


You can confirm if this is the case by navigating to the Report Properties, choosing the "Numbers" tab, and changing the precision to a larger number. In this case, the precision is set to 7.


You can correct this by truncating the account in the calculation. The calculation is currently "Div(RPT.6430_Meals,RPT.6420_Hotel)." It can be updated to "div(trunc(RPT.6430_Meals),trunc(RPT.6420_Hotel))." You can see that by applying the truncation, the report displays 0 as expected.



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