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Find the Variance Between Actuals and Data from 2 Different Plan Versions

This article includes suggestions and workarounds. Content may not be accurate for all use cases or represent best practices for the latest release.


I need to create a report that shows Actuals for January - July, Budget for August - October, Forecast for November & December and a calculation that takes Actuals (Jan to July) - Budget (Aug to Oct) - Forecast (Nov&Dec). How can I do this?


There are a couple of different options you can consider to achieve this as outlined below:

  1. Create the report using 3 column segments. In segment 1 you would have the Actuals version and January to July, in segment 2 you would have the Budget version with August to October, and in segment 3 you would have the Forecast version with November and December. With this option a template would need to be added to the report to calculate the variance. This is because it is not currently possible to calculate the variance between different segments with different time elements.
  2. Create a new version that combines the Budget and Forecast data into one version. With this option, you would create a new version that is a copy of the Budget version. Then, you would export the November & December data from the Forecast version via the Export tab in the Integration area of the application and then import it to the newly created Budget+Forecast version. Be sure to set the start of plan for the new version to August so that Actuals display from January through July in the new version. With this option, you can include just your Budget+Forecast version in the report within a single segment and then add a Calculation to subtract the Actuals months from the budget/forecast months.
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