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Display Repeating Report Tabs as Headers in Excel


I have a repeating report that displays all of my Departments as separate tabs. When I print the report, the tab names are not included on the printout. How can I add the Department names so that it prints with the data?


Because the Levels are included in the spreadsheet tab area of report, it is not possible to display the levels in another location of the report (ex. the column axis). As a workaround, we recommend creating a header in the Excel file that displays the name of the worksheet tab, which would be the Department name in your scenario. This can be done by taking the following steps.

  1. In Excel, go to Page Layout > Page Setup > Header/Footer
  2. Click on Custom Header
  3. Type "&[Tab]" (without quotations) in any of the 3 sections
  4. Click OK and save

If the report is created as a template, the report would display with the headers each time a report is run. To quickly add the header to all tabs in Excel, right click on a single tab and select "Select All Sheets". Make sure to clear out the data prior to attaching the template to the report in Adaptive.

For more information, please take a look at Best Practices for Creating Templates.