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Difference between Excel Reports and Template Reports


Can you explain the difference between running a report as a "template" and running a report as "excel"?

I get different formats for each. For example, I get a summarized version when I run the report as a template run. I will modify a report, (such as add quarter totals) and run it as excel. The "run as template" then does not pick up these changes. I assume that I need to "modify template". I would like to understand this better.


Templates provide additional formatting flexibility for matrix reports. Templates are Excel files that can be added to regular matrix reports and to repeating reports. In the template, changes can be made to the formatting, such as font color, font type, and background color. The Excel file can then be saved, and attached to the report as a template. Each time the report is run, the data will output with the template formatting. However, templates can be difficult to maintain, as they require updates each time a modification is made in the report builder. This is why your template did not automatically update when you ran the report. More information about templates is available in Viewing and Building Reports.

When you export a report to Excel, whatever is specified in the report builder is output to Excel with the formatting specified in the report builder. Some clients attach templates to reports to create more formatted reports that can be presented in board packages. Any change that is made in the report builder will automatically be picked up if you export to Excel.

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