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Create a Variance Between Two Different Versions and Time Periods

This article includes suggestions and workarounds. Content may not be accurate for all use cases or represent best practices for the latest release.


We are trying to create a report that will compare the total budget from FY15 to the total budget for FY16. In order to do this, we have 2 segments, one with the time of FY16 and the version Budget 2016, and one with the time of FY15 and the version Budget 2015. To complete this report, we need a difference column but cannot seem to do that within the Adaptive report. Is there a way to create a difference that crosses 2 time periods and versions?


To create a report that shows the Budget 2015 version for FY15, the Budget 2016 version for FY16 and a variance between these two versions, you can create the report using one segment and shifting one of the versions forward or backward. Here are steps to create this report:

  1. Place both the Budget 2015 and Budget 2016 versions in one segment.
  2. Add a 2015 Time element to the segment or Filter.
  3. Right-click on the Budget 2016 version and select Properties.
  4. Shift the version forward 12 months. This way, when the Budget 2015 version is displaying data for 2015, the Forecast version will display data for 2016.
  5. Add a Difference element next to the versions.
  6. Right-click on the Difference element, select Properties and verify that the Difference element is creating the proper variance and that the Budget 2016 version is shifted forward 12 months.

The resulting report should give you 3 columns, one for the 2015 Budget, one for the 2016 Budget and one that shows variance between the two versions.

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