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Troubleshooting Tool: OfficeConnect and Planning for Excel

Diagnostic tool created by our engineers to gather system information and log additional information on any errors that are related to OfficeConnect or Excel for Planning.
  1. Download the file attached at the bottom of this article
  2. Unzip the contents
  3. Launch the OCSystemChecker.exe program
  4. Select the application where you are encountering an error and click "Next"
    1. If you are experiencing an error during installation, you can select "OfficeConnect for Excel" if it's an OfficeConnect install
  5. Select the type of issue being experienced and click "Next"
    1. If it's specific to a file, please attach the file in question in File-specific issue
  6. (IMPORTANT) On the "Re-create Issue" page, while this page is open, reproduce the error you are experiencing and then click "Next"
    1. For example: If you are encountering an error while installing OfficeConnect, try and perform the install while this "Re-create the Issue" window is open. If it's an error when refreshing a file, open and refresh the file while this window is open.
  7. On the final page we get a summary of the information gathered and then you can click "Finish"
  8. Your Temp folder should open with a file named AdaptiveEnvironmentInfoPackage
  9. Please attach this file and send in your active (or new) support ticket.

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