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Create a Trailing 12 Month Report in OfficeConnect

This article includes suggestions and workarounds. Content may not be accurate for all use cases or represent best practices for the latest release. 


How can I create a trailing 12 month report in OfficeConnect?


This can be done by making sure the 'Make new time elements relative to report date' option is selected within Workbook Properties, selecting the current month as the report date, and adding the preceding 11 monthly periods. This setting affects any time elements that are added to the report, and rather than being a hard coded period, the element will always be relative to the current report date at the time it was added.

In the screenshot below, I have a report date of January 2018 and added this month and the preceding 11 months to the columns. Since I have the setting 'Make new time elements relative to report date' enabled, these columns are now relative to Jan-2018 (e.g. Dec-2017 is 'current month -1', Nov-2017 is 'current month -2', etc.). Now moving forward, the time element for these columns will always be relative to whatever is designated as the report date. After setting up the report in this manner, you can simply adjust the report date as needed, and the columns will dynamically reflect their designated relative date. For example, if I now switch the report date to Jan-2019 the preceding column (Column L in the screenshot) will reflect Dec-2018 data rather than Dec-2017.


Relative Time Elements.png

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