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Set Up OfficeConnect with Regional Settings

Explains how administrators can configure OfficeConnect to use a company's regional settings for authentication. These settings are shared with Excel Interface for Planning.

If your data model is set up in a region outside the United States, you can configure OfficeConnect to use an authentication and endpoint API servers located in the same region as your company. Contact your CSM or implementation consultant to get started.

The regional settings allow you to:

  • Store all your data in your preferred region
  • Select a specific regional gateway and authentication service

If you do not use a region specific gateway,  the existing global gateway and authentication service continues to apply to you.

To use a regional gateway, enter the exact login and API URL endpoints for your instance.  The OfficeConnect client uses these endpoints for authentication. If you enter no URLs, the client uses the default authentication.

After you define the regional settings in one application, these settings get shared by other applications such as Excel Interface for Planning, OfficeConnect for Word, and OfficeConnect for PowerPoint. You can then log in to these other applications using your regional settings. 

Before You Begin

Obtain the following URLs from your administrator: 

  • Regional API endpoint URL
  • Regional authentication endpoint URL. If you are logging in from Workday, you do not need to enter this URL. 

Configure OfficeConnect for Regional Settings

Depending on whether you are enabled for Workday or not, you can configure the regional settings either from the Workday login or the Workday Adaptive Planning login page. 

  1. Start OfficeConnect and select Log In.
  2. Click Change Region.
  3. Enter the URLs provided by your administrator.
  4. Click OK to save the regional settings and return to the login page.  Next time when you log in, you are authenticated using these settings.
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