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Set up OfficeConnect with Workday Credentials

Explains how the IT admin can install and configure OfficeConnect so business users can log in to OfficeConnect or Excel Interface for Planning using their Workday credentials.

Contact your Customer Success Manager or your Implementation Consultant to get started with this feature.

Set up OfficeConnect so users can log in to either OfficeConnect or Excel Interface for Planning with their Workday credentials.

Use only one of the following methods to configure OfficeConnect. Refer to the applicable section in this article.

  • For new installations, install OfficeConnect and include the Workday login settings. See Install OfficeConnect with Workday Login Settings in this article.
  • For new or existing installations, configure OfficeConnect with Workday login settings. See Configure OfficeConnect with Workday Login Settings in this article.
  • For new or existing installations, let users manually enter the Workday settings. See Log In to OfficeConnect from Workday.

The Workday login settings are shared by both OfficeConnect and Excel Interface for Planning. After you configure these settings for one of the applications, both applications use them. For example, if you configure the Workday login settings for OfficeConnect, then you can also log into Excel Interface for Planning using the Workday credentials. However, you must enable OfficeConnect in Workday. This is required regardless of whether you are using Excel Interface for Planning as standalone or with OfficeConnect.

Before You Begin

Work with the Workday security administrator to complete the following requirements:

  1. Download the latest versions of OfficeConnect and Excel Interface for Planning. See Product Downloads. For existing installations, verify that users download and install the latest versions of the applications. 
  2. Enable Adaptive Planning and OfficeConnect for Workday. See Steps: Configure Adaptive Planning for Workday.
  3. Obtain the following OfficeConnect Setup Client settings from the Workday security administrator. You need these settings for each Workday tenant that you will access. For example, if you're connecting to a separate sandbox and production tenant, you need these settings for both tenants.
    • Client ID
    • Workday REST API Endpoint
    • Authorization Endpoint

Install OfficeConnect with Workday Login Settings

For new installations only, include the Workday login settings during OfficeConnect installation. Deploy OfficeConnect remotely using Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager or other IT deployment software. 

Complete only one of the following tasks to install OfficeConnect with the Workday login settings: 

  • Run the installation and specify the Workday settings as seen in the following example. Use this option when connecting to a single Workday tenant.
  • Create a .config file with the Workday settings. Use this option when connecting to either a single or multiple Workday tenants. The following example shows two tenants, production and sandbox. 
  <connection name="production">
  <connection name="sandbox">

Next, run the installation with the .config file you created. For example: 

OfficeConnectSetup.exe /quiet CONNECTIONCONFIG=c:\temp\connection.config

When done, users will see the Workday login when logging in to OfficeConnect and can sign in using their Workday credentials. 

Configure OfficeConnect with Workday Login Settings

For new or existing OfficeConnect installations, deploy the Workday login settings to the Windows registry using group policy, script, or deployment software. 

To update the settings for a specific user, deploy the registry entries to HKEY_CURRENT_USER.  To update the settings for all users on a computer, deploy the registry entries to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. See Sample Script for Updating  Windows Registry with Workday Login Settings in this article.

To configure an OfficeConnect installation with Workday login settings:

  1. In the Windows registry, replace these values with the values from your Workday security administrator. Enter these values for each Workday tenant that you will access. The entries are case sensitive. 
    • WorkdayAuthorizationUrl
    • WorkdayRestApiUrl
    • WorkdayClientId
  2. Update the LastUpdated value to the current Universal Time Coordinate date and time.

To change the login settings for users in the future, deploy new settings and update the LastUpdated value. OfficeConnect applies the new settings only when the LastUpdated value is later than the existing configuration date.

When done, users will see the Workday login when logging in to OfficeConnect and they sign in using their Workday credentials.

Sample Script for Updating Windows Registry with Workday Login Settings 

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Adaptive Planning\Connections]

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Adaptive Planning\Connections\production]

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Adaptive Planning\Connections\sandbox]