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OfficeConnect Technical Requirements

Hardware and Software Requirements

To install Excel Interface for Planning or OfficeConnect the first time, you must have Windows administrative permissions. 

Operating System

Microsoft Windows® 8.1 or later (32-bit or 64-bit)

Server/desktop virtualization environments (such as Remote Desktop Services)


Web Browsers  

Internet Explorer



Latest version


Latest version, latest ESR


Latest version

Microsoft Office

SUPPORTED: OfficeConnect requires Microsoft Office with the Semi-Annual Channel install.

Microsoft Office 2019 (enterprise version)

Microsoft Office 2016 (Professional Plus) 

Microsoft Office 365 Pro Plus (32-bit or 64-bit)

Only production deployments of Microsoft Office


Office Home and Business 2016

MS Office 2010

Microsoft Office Online editions

Office 365 Business Essentials (only available as online edition)

Office 365 Business (Monthly Channel)

Office 365 Business Premium (Monthly Channel)

MS Office Monthly Channel, Monthly Channel (Targeted), Semi-Annual Channel (Targeted), and Office Insider Versions and Builds

MS Office Universal Windows Platform (UWP) versions

Memory (RAM)

4 GB minimum

8 GB recommended

Learn how to check your computer's RAM ( instructions at the bottom of this page).

Language, localization English
Regional Settings English

Installation Prerequisites

If the prerequisites aren't already installed, administrative permissions will be requested during the Excel Interface for Planning and OfficeConnect installation. Alternatively, IT can install these prerequisites in advance to allow users to install without administrative permissions.

Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7

If you prefer, install .NET 4.7 beforehand

Check the technical requirements for .NET 4.7.

Microsoft Visual Studio® 2010 Tools for Office Runtime

Required: Install Visual Studio 2010 Tools for Office Runtime beforehand

Workday Event Log Components

If you prefer, install the Workday Event Log Components Setup beforehand.

This item appears in the Windows Add/Remove Programs as a separate entry and allows OfficeConnect and Excel Interface for Planning to log errors and other data to the Windows Event Log.

Update Requirements

Promptly install updates for Excel Interface for Planning and OfficeConnect.

Per-User Updates 

When Workday releases a new update, each user will be prompted to install the update when logging in to Excel Interface for Planning or OfficeConnect. Each user can do this without administrative permissions, or, if preferred, IT can silently install updates for multiple users.

Promptly install the update before the deadline noted in the prompts. In general, users have 30 days from the release of an update before it becomes mandatory; however, high priority updates may have shorter deadlines.

Per-Machine Updates

When Workday releases a new update, members of the local Administrators group will be prompted to install the update by a certain date. In general, you have 60 days to install the update from the time of the release.

For the first 45 days, only users with administrative permissions will be notified. After 45 days, users will also start seeing daily notifications of an available update. OfficeConnect and Excel Interface for Planning require the update to be installed by the date listed in the notification.

Although the typical grace period for an update is 60 days from release, the deadline may be shorter for high priority updates.

Check RAM

To check the memory (RAM) installed on the computer:

  1. Click the Windows Start button.
  2. In the search box, type msinfo32, and then click OK.
  3. In the right pane of the System Information dialog box, the number listed for Installed Physical Memory is the RAM installed in your computer.
  4. Make sure it is at least 4 GB. For optimum performance, Workday recommends 8 GB.


Need help installing or using Excel Interface for Planning and OfficeConnect? Contact us.

What Is OfficeConnect?

OfficeConnect is a set of add-ins for Microsoft® Office that extends your financial report building and formatting capabilities with your Adaptive Planning data in Microsoft Excel®, Word®, and PowerPoint®.

You can drag and drop data from your online instance into Microsoft Excel to create presentation-quality reports using Excel’s formatting capabilities.

For compelling executive presentations, you can link data from your OfficeConnect report in Excel to board books and other documents in OfficeConnect for Word, and to tables and graphs in OfficeConnect for PowerPoint. You can automatically update these documents and presentations with a single click — no copy/paste or reformatting required.

For additional product information, including the datasheet and video, visit the Reporting web page.

Types of Reports OfficeConnect Can Create

Report Type Description
Report formats Matrix and presentation-quality
Financial reports P&L, balance sheet, statement of cash flow
Actual and budget reports Actuals, budget, forecast, and others
Board books

Word documents combining text (narrative) plus matrix reports (financial and metric results).

Executive presentations Slide presentations for boards of directors, external and internal or executive management.

Features Supported in OfficeConnect

Features Description
  • Connect to data in Adaptive Planning
  • Drag and drop Adaptive Planning data to existing formatted Excel reports
  • Access accounts, versions, dimensions, and calendars in your Adaptive Planning instance
  • Report data at the summary level (drilling to detail is an upcoming feature)
  • Suppress zeros in rows and columns
  • Apply dynamic level parameters and Adaptive Planning labels to your report
  • Report on the default instance in multi-instance environments
  • Produce board books and other documents that can be instantly updated
  • Link named ranges in OfficeConnect for Excel to Word tables and narrative text
  • Instantly update financial data from Adaptive Planning to OfficeConnect in your documents
  • Produce executive board presentations that can be instantly updated
  • Link named ranges in OfficeConnect for Excel to tables and graphs in slides
  • Instantly update data from Adaptive Planning to OfficeConnect in your slides
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