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Link OfficeConnect Charts in Slides

Just as you can link a table from OfficeConnect for Excel, you can link a chart based on data from your instance.  You can update the chart in OfficeConnect for PowerPoint with a single click.

The following OfficeConnect for Excel chart types are not available for copying and pasting into OfficeConnect for PowerPoint:  Waterfall, Pareto, Funnel, Box and Whisker, Histogram, Sunburst and Treemap.

Linking a chart is quicker than linking a table, because you don’t need to create a named range. The chart is already considered a single discrete object that you can copy and link.

To link an OfficeConnect chart in a PowerPoint slide:

  1.  In OfficeConnect for Excel, right-click the chart you want to link, and then select Copy.
    Linking OfficeConnect Excel chart to PowerPoint

  1.  In OfficeConnect for PowerPoint, open the presentation and slide where you want to link the chart.

  2.  Select OfficeConnect > Linking > Paste Chart.
    Use this option instead of the regular Paste option. The Paste Chart option ensures the data is linked so you can update it.
    The chart inserts into the slide with a link to OfficeConnect for Excel.

  3. Adjust the position and size of the chart on the slide.

Now, whenever the chart’s underlying data is updated from your instance or from other changes you make in OfficeConnect for Excel, you can quickly update the chart in your PowerPoint slide. Select  OfficeConnect > Linking > Refresh All.

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