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Link OfficeConnect Tables in Slides

Link an OfficeConnect table to an OfficeConnect for PowerPoint presentation to:

  • Easily update the data originating in your online instance.
  • Format the data in a table in OfficeConnect for Excel.
  • Link to online data in a board or executive presentation in OfficeConnect for PowerPoint. 

The process for linking a table from OfficeConnect for Excel to a slide in OfficeConnect for PowerPoint consists of two major steps,:

  1.  Define the named range of cells that includes the table you want to link.
  2.  Copy and link that table using its named range into your PowerPoint slide.

Link OfficeConnect Tables to PowerPoint Slides

After you’ve created a named range for the table in OfficeConnect for Excel, you’re ready to link the table in OfficeConnect for PowerPoint. 

To link an OfficeConnect for Excel table in a PowerPoint slide:

  1.  In OfficeConnect for Excel, click the arrow in the Name Box and select the named range in the drop-down.
    The named range appears and is selected.

  2.  Right-click in the named range, and then select Copy.
    copy a ramed range in OfficeConnect Excel

  3. In OfficeConnect for PowerPoint, open the presentation and slide where you want to link the table.

  4. On the OfficeConnect tab, in the Linking group, select Paste Table.
    Use this command instead of the Office Paste command. The Paste Table command ensures the data is linked and can be quickly updated.
    The table is inserted into the slide with a link to OfficeConnect for Excel.
    paste OfficeConnect Excel named range in PowerPoint

  5. Adjust the position and size of the table on the slide.

  6. Save your presentation. Open OfficeConnect for PowerPoint and then open the file when you want to work with the table.

    Whenever the linked table is updated from your Adaptive Planning instance or from other changes you make in OfficeConnect for Excel, you can easily update the table in your PowerPoint slide. On the OfficeConnect tab in PowerPoint click Refresh All from the Linking group.


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