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Use Named Ranges

Named Ranges

To link a table from OfficeConnect for Excel to OfficeConnect for Word, you need to define the table as a named range.

A named range is a user-defined area of cells, rows, or columns in an Excel file. With a named range, you can perform operations on that area as a whole. One powerful use is the ability to jump quickly to the named range from wherever else you are in the workbook. Another use, which you’ll work with in this section, is that you can select and insert a named range from OfficeConnect for Excel into your OfficeConnect for Word document to create links between the two.

You can move or change data, and even add or delete rows or columns within the named range, and the named range maintains its integrity as a single object. When you make any change to the named range in Excel, the change is reflected in PowerPoint as soon as you refresh the presentation.

When you use OfficeConnect with Microsoft Word, you are creating a conduit of easily updatable data originating in your instance, being formatted in your OfficeConnect for Excel workbook, and ending with linked data in an OfficeConnect for Word document.

The process for linking a table or other data from OfficeConnect for Excel to OfficeConnect for Word always starts with defining a named range of one or more Excel cells that includes the data you want to link. These named ranges make it possible to link information between the two applications. In fact, you can’t even connect the two files unless the Excel file has at least one named range.

Search for Named Ranges in Excel online help for more information.


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