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Review Link Locations

When you have several table and narrative links in your OfficeConnect for Word document, you need ways to easily identify where the links are or to navigate quickly to them. With OfficeConnect, you can check the details of a link and highlight linked values throughout the document. You can also click through a list of links to quickly move to the one you want to work with.

Check Link Details

Sometimes you just need to see the name of a linked source file or named range.  Do this quickly using the Link Detail tab in the OfficeConnect links pane.

To check link details:

  1. In your Word document, click in the linked table or text.

  2. In the OfficeConnect links pane, select Link Detail.
    The source file and the named range for the selected link is listed.

Highlight Linked Values

Highlight the linked values throughout your Word document to ensure the links are properly updated and the surrounding text reads properly. The linked values show up in green through the use of a highlight filter. 

To highlight the linked values in your document:

  1. On the OfficeConnect tab, in the Show Links group, verify  that Highlight results is selected.

  2.  In the Show Links group, select Table.
    A highlighting filter applies, and all the linked tables in your document are highlighted in green.

    The Table button shows as selected or active on the toolbar. 

  3. To highlight linked data in paragraphs,  select Paragraph.
    The highlighting filter is applied, and all linked values, words, or phrases in paragraphs throughout your document are highlighted in green. The Paragraph button shows as selected or active on the toolbar.

Use the OfficeConnect Links Pane

Use the OfficeConnect links pane along with highlights to quickly navigate to a link in your document. 

To quickly find a link in your document:

  1. On the OfficeConnect tab, in the Show Links group, verify:

    • Highlight results is selected

    • The Table and Paragraph options are active.

  2. In the OfficeConnect links pane, select Show Results.
    Your links are listed by named range in sequential order through your document. These links do not show when your linked content is not highlighted.

  3. Select the link you want to go to.
    OfficeConnect navigates to the location in your document where the selected link resides, and the link is selected in the document.

Use the Manage Links Option

Use the Manage Links option also to navigate to a link in your document. Since the dialog box remains open while you navigate, this method is useful for managing a link such as by changing its source or disconnecting it.

To use the Manage Links dialog box to go to a link:

  1. On theOfficeConnect tab, in the Connection group, select Manage Links.
    The Manage Links dialog box appears.

    This dialog box lists all the links in your document. For each link, the source file, named range, and link type (table or paragraph) are listed.

  1. In the Location column for the link you want to see, select Paragraph or Table.
    In the document, OfficeConnect navigates to the location where the paragraph or table resides and selects it.

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