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Refresh Reports

Explains how to populate OfficeConnect reports from Adaptive Planning with new or updated data.

After defining the basic account and time data that you want to show in your report, you can pull in the connected data from Adaptive Planning and view your report.

You can refresh data for:

  • A selection of rows or columns
  • The current worksheet
  • Selected worksheets if you have multiple ones open
  • All worksheets in a workbook 

To pull in the data and view the resulting report:

  1. From the  Connection group, select Refresh. A progress bar appears briefly while OfficeConnect retrieves data from your Adaptive Planning data source. The data appears in the cells of the worksheet according to your report design. OfficeConnect automatically widens columns to accommodate large numbers. 
  2. From  Book group, select Workbook Properties.
  3. On the Format tab under Column Display, clear the Auto-fit columns on refresh check box.
  4. Select OK. Columns do not narrow with shorter data, but you can do that manually if necessary.

Refresh Updates Element Groups

By default, when you refresh a report, element groups are also updated to reflect their latest values and structure. See Create and Manage Element Groups.


  • A selection to update all groups in the selection.
  • A worksheet to update all groups in that worksheet.
  • Selected sheets to update all groups in the selected worksheets.
  • All worksheets to updates all groups in the workbook.

When refreshing a selection, select all groups members. Else the element group does not update. The data does refresh for the partial selection.

Refresh also adds back any groups members that you removed in Excel.

To change the default setting for refreshing element groups, edit your workbook property for Groups. See Workbook Properties

Refresh Updates Expanded Elements

By default, when you refresh a report, any expanded elements in the report are also updated with latest values and element structure. Refresh includes new elements and removes deleted elements from the expansions based on the latest structure in the Elements pane.  See Explore the Contents of a Report.

To change the default setting for refreshing expanded elements, edit your workbook properties for Explore. See Workbook Properties

To update the element structure for an expansion as part of refreshing your current selection, verify that you select the entire expansion. If you select only part of the expansion, all elements in the expansion do not get updated. The data does get refreshed for the selection.

Refresh Re-Applies Excel Filtering

OfficeConnect allows you to filter the numeric data in your report using Excel filtering capability. When you refresh your report, the existing filters are reapplied to the refreshed data. 

This applies to numeric filtering only. Date filters are not supported either alone or in combination with numeric filtering.

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