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Add Elements to Report Filters

Explains how to add elements to the workbook and worksheet filters of OfficeConnect reports.

Use filters on an individual worksheet or workbook. You can define any element such as a department or location as a filter. When you apply the filter to an OfficeConnect worksheet, it dynamically filters data to display only the matching values.

You can filter reports by at least one of the following elements:

  • Accounts
  • Levels
  • Versions
  • Currencies
  • Attributes
  • Custom Dimensions

You apply filters to an individual worksheet or workbook, not to specific rows, columns or cells such as when applying elements in a report.

Applied filters follow OfficeConnect precedence rules, where filters at the worksheet level takes precedence over filters at the workbook level. See Reviewing Applied Elements for more information on precedence rules.

Multi-Selecting Filters

Define a set of filters for selection on your worksheet. From Worksheet Filters, search or browse for filters. Select a subset of available filters by selecting elements individually or by multi-selecting using the context menu. Right-click an element to display the context menu.

Select All Descendants from Worksheet Filters Dialog

You can multi-select filters from the Filters tab in the Reporting pane, Worksheet Filters, Workbook Filters, and Repeating Reports. All descendants are selected or cleared even when the filter is in Collapse All state.

After selecting a subset of filters, you can access this subset from:

  •  A worksheet: The Filters tab in the Reporting pane. Use the Show Filters icon in the upper right of the Filters tab and the Worksheet Filters dialog to see all filters or only selected ones.
  • A workbook: The Workbook Properties > Filters tab.

Note: You can select multiple currencies for your subset, but can only select one currency to filter on the worksheet or workbook. A currency as a selected filter on the worksheet is explicit and overrides any implied currency that comes from a level.

Apply Filters to a Workbook

To apply filters to a workbook:

  1. Open the OfficeConnect workbook with applied accounts and time elements.
  2. Select Workbook Properties and then select the Filters tab. Any previously selected filters are listed on the tab.
  3. Select  to open the Workbook Filters dialog.
  4. Search or browse for elements by which to filter the workbook. For example, to filter the workbook by different asset accounts, search on "assets".
  5. Select the element types you want to include in the filter.  For example, if you searched on assets, you can select Current Assets and Fixed Assets.
  6. Select OK. The Enable filters check box in the workbook properties becomes selected. 
  7. Select the specific element types to filter by. For example, select Current Assets to filter the report data by only this asset type. Select OK.
  8. Refresh the workbook.

To remove filters from a workbook: 

  1. Open the OfficeConnect workbook from which you want to remove the filter.
  2. Select Workbook Properties and then select the Filters tab.
  3. Uncheck Enable filters.
  4. Refresh the workbook.

Apply Filters to a Worksheet

To apply filters to a worksheet:

  • First apply the subset filters to the worksheet.
  • Next use the subset filters to filter the worksheet.

To apply subset filters to a worksheet: 

  1. Open the OfficeConnect workbook with applied accounts and time elements.
  2. (Optional) Select the worksheet to which you want to apply a filter.
  3. Select Worksheet Filters. The Worksheet Filters dialog appears with any previously selected filters. 
  4. Search or browse to select the element types you want to include in a subset. Select OK. For example, to filter select the worksheet by levels, you can select Company and Company B.
  5. Navigate to the Reporting pane and select the Filters tab. The subset filters appear on this tab.

To filter a worksheet:

  1. From the Filters tab, select Enable Filters
  2. Select the specific element types by which to filter the data on the worksheet.
  3. Refresh the worksheet.

To remove a filter for a worksheet, go to Filters tab for the worksheet and uncheck Enable filters. Clearing this option turns filters off but remembers your prior filter selections.

Review or Verify Applied Filters

Click the Review tab from the Reporting pane to review filter metadata.

  • For worksheet filters, navigate to and expand the Worksheet.
  • For workbook filters, navigate to and expand the Workbook.

Applied filters are listed under Elements.

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