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Set the Default Currency

Explains how to set the default currency for OfficeConnect report and describes how these defaults affect report data.

Currency is both a Workbook property as well as an element. When Currency is an element, it appears in the Review tab like any other element. When it is a Workbook Property default, it appears italicized in the Review tab. You can change the property defaults and you can also add currency elements to filters, columns, rows, or cells to override the properties. Currency defaults and elements follow the precedence rules. 

Currency Workbook Defaults

You have two currency default options: Level Currency and Corporate Currency.  

Level Currency

  • The report uses the currency associated with the level element.  
  • If you don't add a level element to the report, the report uses your default level and the currency that comes along with it.
  • If you add a level element, the report adds the Currency with it. 

Corporate Currency

  • The report uses the currency associated with the corporate headquarters. 
  • If you add levels to the report, the data continues to display the same currency. 

Change the Currency Default

Select the currency you want the report use:

  1. Select Workbook Properties WoekbookProperties.png .
  2. On the General tab, select Level currency or Corporate currency.
  3. Select OK.

Currency Elements

If you add a currency element to any part of the report, the report displays the currency you added and overrides the default. See the Understand Currency Elements.

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