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Secure OfficeConnect Files

Explains how to secure the data of OfficeConnect reports.

OfficeConnect uses time-out to keep your files secure. If you’ve gone longer than 60 minutes (or however long your timeout is specified) without refreshing your report, you are prompted for your password the next time you try to refresh.

The security level of each user’s role in Adaptive Planning is applied in OfficeConnect. If a user only has access to data from a certain level, only data from that level is returned.

Important! By default, data is always cleared upon save and replaced with the placeholder text . To change this default setting for an existing workbook, use the workbook properties.  See Workbook and Selection Properties Fields.

To change the default Clear Data setting for all new workbooks, use the user settings.  See User Settings Fields.

From the Design group, select Clear Data.
The data fields are replaced with a placeholder text such as "n/a".

Worksheet with data replaced by placeholder text

After clearing data, you can close the workbook. When you open the workbook again, the linked cells continue to show "n/a" until you refresh the report. 

You can change the clear data field placeholder text to whatever you want.

To change the clear data field placeholder text:

  1. Select User Settings.

  2. On the General tab, in the Security block result text fieldenter the desired placeholder text.

  3. Select OK.
    The next time you select Clear Data, the new string replaces all the connected fields.

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