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Manage OfficeConnect Workbooks

Explains how to open, save, export, secure and copy OfficeConnect workbooks in Excel.

Open Multiple Workbooks

You can open an unlimited number of reporting workbooks in the same Excel session. Logging into OfficeConnect logs you into all open workbooks at once. Logging out logs you out of all open workbooks. 

You can access all open OfficeConnect workbooks for the current instance. ​​​If you have access to multiple parent-child instances, you can access these instances in the workbooks.

  • From the OfficeConnect tab, select File > New.
  • To open an existing workbook, select File > Open.  Or,  double-click the file name from your file management system.

Use the Excel > Home > Recent option to view and open your recent reporting workbooks. If the workbook displays blank cells, click Refresh to load the data.

Between workbooks of the same instance, you can copy and paste elements, labels, and formulas from one workbook to another. If the workbooks have different instances, you can't copy, paste, or merge. See Connect to Different Instances.

Save Workbooks

 By default, data is always cleared upon save and replaced with the placeholder text "n/a". To change this default setting for an existing workbook, use the workbook properties.  You can change the default setting in the workbook properties to never clear the sensitive data upon save. See Workbook and Selection Properties Fields.

To ensure that in case of a crash, you can recover your reporting workbooks, turn on the Excel AutoRecover capability. Then you can navigate to the AutoRecover file location and recover the file and the metadata.

To enable AutoRecover:

  1. Select File > Options.
  2. In Excel Options, select Save
  3. Under Save workbooks,  set the following:
    • Select Save AutoRecover information every 10 minutes
    • If needed, edit the frequency for saving AutoRecover information. The default is 10 minutes.
    • Specify the AutoRecover file location.
  4. Select OK.

Share Workbooks

You can share your OfficeConnect workbooks. 

Many users editing a workbook at the same time using a shared drive is not supported. This can cause the reporting workbook to lose metadata when saved.

  1. Select File > Share.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • To share on OneDrive, sign in to your account and upload the workbook.
    • To share as an email attachment, select Excel Workbook or PDF.

Recipients can view the report and add comments. They must log in to OfficeConnect to edit the report. 

You cannot share OfficeConnect workbooks through Review > Share Workbook. If you have added OfficeConnect worksheets to a shared workbook file, the OfficeConnect portion will not function properly for other editors and reviewers. 

Move or Copy Worksheets between Workbooks

You can copy the content and report element structure from one workbook into another. The OfficeConnect Move or Copy Report option is only available for worksheets containing reporting data. If you select a combination of reporting and non-reporting worksheets, then the option becomes unavailable. To move or copy non-reporting worksheets, use the native Excel Move or Copy option.

  1. Open the Workbook with the worksheets that you want to move or copy.
  2. If moving or copying to an existing workbook, open the existing workbook.
  3. Select the worksheets that you want to move or copy. To select multiple worksheets, hold down the Shift key.
  4. Select Move or Copy Report from the Elements group.
  5. Select a new workbook or an existing one where you want to move or copy the selected worksheets.
  6. Specify where you want to move or copy the selected worksheets in the new or existing workbook. To move or copy within the same workbook, specify the worksheet location.
  7. To copy the selected worksheets to a new or existing workbook or within the same workbook, select Create a copy. Leave this option unchecked, if you moving the moving the worksheets without creating a copy.
  8. Select OK.

Update Elements in Multiple Workbooks 

The element structure in the Reporting pane reflects the model set up by your administrator.  The administrator can update the model to address changing business needs over time. For example, add a new level to accommodate organizational growth. Or, remove a version that no longer applies. These changes need to be reflected in the reports.

You can update the Reporting pane on the left to reflect the latest element structure across multiple workbooks in an instance.

  1. From the Connection group, select Update Elements.
  2. In the Reporting pane, select the Review tab. Review the items available for any new elements. 
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