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OfficeConnect for Excel Interface Tour

Introduces you to the OfficeConnect interface for Excel.

There are three main sections of OfficeConnect for Excel: 1 OfficeConnect Tab on the Excel Ribbon, 2 Reporting Pane, 3 Excel Worksheet. 

You can also use the right-click menus to accomplish various tasks depending on where you are in the interface. 

OfficeConnect Excel Interface Tour

OfficeConnect Tab on the Excel Ribbon

1 Find all the tools to format and design your OfficeConnect report:

Notice that you also have all the typical Excel tabs, with all Excel's functionality. 

Reporting Pane 

2 Find all the elements to build a report:

Hide or Move the Reporting Pane

From the OfficeConnect tab:

  • Uncheck Task Pane to hide the Reporting pane.
  • Uncheck Review and Filters to hide the Review and Filter tabs in the Reporting Pane. 

To undock the Reporting pane, click  on upper right corner of the Reporting pane and select Move. Drop it anywhere on your screen, or hover at the top, bottom, left, or right of the worksheet until it docks. 

Can't find your undocked Planning pane? Click Show Reporting Pane from the OfficeConnect ribbon again (even if it is already checked). Your Reporting pane will appear. 

Excel Worksheet

3 View data from Adaptive Planning:

  • Drop element to create reports and display the data of your report.
  • Drill in to data to understand sources. 
  • Use Excel functions to create charts and calculations. 

If you have installed Excel Interface for Planning, a Planning tab will appear next to the OfficeConnect tab. You can switch between the Reporting pane and Planning pane

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