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Set Up OfficeConnect Login for Workday

Explains how to open OfficeConnect for Excel, Word, and PowerPoint using Workday credentials

Contains preview content for the 2020R2 release.

Before you begin

  • Verify that you have installed OfficeConnect.
  • OfficeConnect is enabled for your instance.
  • You have the Access OfficeConnect permission. 

Log In to OfficeConnect with Workday Credentials

For new or existing installations, let users manually enter the Workday settings.

Contact your Customer Success Manager or your Implementation Consultant to get started with this feature.

Your IT administrator can set up your OfficeConnect installation with Workday login settings. You can then log in to either OfficeConnect or Excel Interface for Planning with your Workday credentials. See Set up OfficeConnect and Excel Interface for Planning with Workday Credentials.

If the Workday login settings were not included during IT installation, you can manually enter these settings when you log in to OfficeConnect. 

  1. From your IT administrator or Workday security administrator, get the following login settings for each Workday tenant you want to connect to: 
    • Client ID
    • Workday REST API Endpoint
    • Authorization Endpoint
  2. Log in to OfficeConnect. The Workday Adaptive Planning Log in window appears.
  3. Click Log In with Workday link.
    The Manage Tenants window displays. 
  4. Create a tenant by entering a tenant name such as "Production" or "Sandbox". 
  5. Enter the Workday login settings for the tenant and save. You now see the Workday login window.
  6. Optional. To connect to multiple Workday tenants, click New Tenant. Enter and save the tenant names and their Workday login settings.
    The tenant names appear in the drop-down menu on the login window.
  7. Select a Workday tenant to log in to. 

The settings persist after the first successful login. The next time you log in to OfficeConnect, you see the Workday login window. The Workday tenant that you last logged in to is selected by default.  Use the Manage Tenants option to add, edit, or delete tenants. To switch to a different Workday tenant, select the tenant name from the drop-down menu. 

Log in to OfficeConnect from an Instance Not Set Up for Workday

You may have an Adaptive Planning instance that isn't set up for Workday. For example, your organization can use a sandbox Adaptive Planning instance that is set up for Workday and a production Adaptive Planning instance that is not yet set up for Workday. You can continue to log in to OfficeConnect using the production instance with your Adaptive Planning credentials.

Depending on your last successful login, you may see the Workday or Adaptive Planning Log In window:

  • If you see the Workday Log In window, click the Log in with Adaptive Planning link. This logs you in to an instance that is not Workday-enabled.
  • If you see the Workday Adaptive Planning Log in window, click the Log in with Workday link. This logs you in to an instance that is Workday-enabled.
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