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OfficeConnect Overview

Introduces OfficeConnect basics, features, and benefits for Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.

OfficeConnect est un logiciel facultatif qui utilise les données de votre modèle de planification pour créer des rapports dans Microsoft Excel, des documents dans Microsoft Word et des présentations dans Microsoft PowerPoint

It connects your financial data in the cloud to your Microsoft products so they always reflect up-to-date information. 

See InstallOfficeConnect

All OfficeConnect reports and documents start with MS Excel. OfficeConnect for Excel lets you create Adaptive Planning reports by dragging and dropping elements, such as time periods and accounts, into rows and columns. 


How OfficeConnect Works

Adaptive Planning provides you with powerful plugins for Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. To connect to Adaptive Planning, always log in from the OfficeConnect tab in the Excel, Word, or PowerPoint ribbon. The login credentials are shared across OfficeConnect for Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.  

OfficeConnect Data Flow

OfficeConnect starts with Adaptive Planning online where you enter or import data. The data is then stored in your Adaptive Planning instance.


When you open OfficeConnect for Excel, you connect to your online instance and all its stored data, which you can use to create OfficeConnect reports. You can then use powerful links in OfficeConnect for Word or PowerPoint to pull in the data from Excel.

After your links are set up, you don't have to relink, update formulas, or reformat across succeeding months or other reporting periods. Just change the report date, refresh the file, and your report is ready to present. Refresh the linked Word documents and PowerPoint presentations and they update too. 

When you work directly in Adaptive Planning, cloud-based security measures protect your confidential information.
Your OfficeConnect documents on your company’s network or on your local computer might not be as secure. You can hide the data before you close the files to maintain protection. When you reopen the file, click Refresh to reload the data into the file. See Securing OfficeConnect Files for more information.


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