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What Is The Difference Between Sharing And Publishing Components?

This article includes suggestions and workarounds. Content may not be accurate for all use cases or represent best practices for the latest release.


What is the difference between Sharing and Publishing a component? Also, what are the other options in the Action menu?


Share this component

Sharing a component allows you to give specific users access to your component when they open the Visual Designer. If another user includes that component in one of their dashboards, any changes you make to the component will be shown on their dashboards as well. Any of the components in the Visual Designer can be shared. Any changes that the other user or users make to the component will also show on your dashboard, however. If you want to share a component without having to worry about the other people changing it, you can do so by making a copy of it and sharing the copy, keeping the original for your own use.

Publish this component

Perspectives are the only component which can be published. When you publish a perspective to another user or group of users, it will become available to them along with their other perspectives in the main Discovery tab area. This is a way to give other users access to view dials, ribbons, and dashboards you have created without giving them the ability to modify the Perspective in the Visual Designer. If you edit the perspective or any of its components in the future and publish it again, it will update the perspective for the users you publish to. Only users with Edit Company Discovery Dashboard permission have access to this function.

Other Actions

Copy to Personal folder

This option duplicates the component and places the copy in your personal folder. The original version will be unedited, and any changes you make in the future to the copy in your folder will only affect that copy, not the original.

Copy to company folder

Copying a component to the company folder will make a duplicate of it available to anyone with access to your company folder.

Delete this component

Deleting a component removes it from your personal folder or the company folder, if it is a company component. If you have shared it with anyone else, it will no longer be available to them.

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