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What Do The Period Settings Control In The Time Structure Editor?

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I am trying to modify my time structure, but I'm not sure what the period settings mean. What do each of the period settings control?


Consecutive Period: This is the number of periods (including the current period) that you want the dial to display backwards in time from the period selected in the period selector.

Forward-looking period: The number of periods (not including the current period) that you want the dial to display ahead of the period selected in the period selector.

Home Delay Period: The number of periods (you determine which period) that the dial waits before the “initial” display moves into the current period. Once a user changes the period in the period selector or on a dial, this setting will no longer apply to the current session.

Breakdown Period: If a dial is set to ‘Use Consecutive Breakdown Periods’ in the Dial Time Period field in the Time Settings, this is the period level that is displayed when this period is selected. Using the screen shot below, we can see that for the Quarter Period level the Breakdown period is set to Month. If the period selector on the dashboard is set to Quarter then the dial will display months, and it will determine the number of months shown by using the values in the Consecutive Period and Forward-looking Period on the Month Period Level setting in the Time Structure Editor.

Consolidated Period: The period to which you want the period you are editing to consolidate (i.e., the period for which the period you are editing is the breakdown period). For example, if you edit "Month" so that it's consolidation period is Quarter, the breakdown period for Quarter will be Month, and dials with the base period of Quarter set to show consecutive breakdown periods will display a series of months.

Comparable Period Step: The period to display for the Comparable Period analysis view of a dial. For example, a month’s comparable period might be the previous month (Comparable Period Step: Month) or it might be the same month last year (Comparable Period Step: Year).

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